The Role Century Poetry In Resisting ‘Nationalism’ Essay

Published: 2021-09-10 22:35:09
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Just chronologically but perhaps also depending on the specific socio-cultural contexts. Resistance itself becomes an important feature of this system of critique; from the resistance of Nationalism as a partisan system that promotes what Jacques Lagan would call “the overriding attitude of unmediated opposition”, to the resistance of Nationalism as an institution itself in favor of personal perception, to the resistance of any kind of institution whatsoever in favor of locating the Nation within the poetic self.
Of course, this is not a singular chain of events, nor does the process take place in a linear, consistent manner. But having looked at the different pieces of poetry chosen for this discussion, it would seem that the critique and resistance of Nationalism are inseparable from each other; a criticism of the institution of Nationalism would invariably present itself as a process of resistance, because the very machinery of Nationalism dehumidifies and compartmentalizes, going against the basic nature of individual spirit, that tends to octet itself in the physical world.
Poetry, always one of the most powerful instruments communicating the spirit of the personal, confronts this restraining nature of Nationalism and critiques it through a chain of resistance, ultimately culminating in the personal itself; to understand Nationalism is to resist Nationalism, as the only way possible for the concept of Nation to be compatible to the liberated human spirit is for the Nation to be located within the self.

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