Titus, Hamlet And Prospero Are All Characters That Plot Revenge Agains Essay

Published: 2021-09-13 03:55:08
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t those whowronged them. There are similarities and differences in the ways they decide todeal with their vengeance. Both Titus and Hamlet use death as their source of revenge.
Titus kills the Queen of the Goths son, Alarbus, not unlike Hamlet who kills the Queen of Denmark’s husband, the King, Claudius. The two of them both kill for a family member so they can rest in peace. Titus for his sons, and Hamlet for his father. However, Titus kills Alarbus quickly and without hesitation.
On the other hand, Hamlet moves slowly to kill Claudius making sure he is the one to kill. Titus and Hamlet killed out of love for their blood. Hamlet and Prospero both dealt with their situation differently although the outcome was the same, they got the revenge they wanted. Hamlet used his sword for vengeance and everyone ends up dying except for those chosen few.
Conversely, Prospero uses his magic to teach his lesson and no one dies. Inversely, they are similar because they both made everyone think the opposite of what actually was. Hamlet made everyone think he was crazy. Prospero had everyone believing he was dead. The two were both betrayed by their own blood and handled the case in a different way.
Titus and Prospero both know exactly what they need to do. Neither one of them pause or delayed their revenge, no unnecessary time was lost. Diversely, with Titus everyone seems to die, but, with Prospero death is not in his plan. To avenge his sons’ death is what Titus wants. Prospero wants to gain his dukedom back.
They both knew what they wanted done and did it. Achieving revenge for what they believe is a characteristic that they all share. Although their methods differ the results are alike in the way that all three accomplished what they needed to move on.

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