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Published: 2021-09-11 19:30:08
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The first ticket Drawn will allow the Purchase to pick the piece of art work by the artist name & title of the work, The Drawing will o on until all the art is gone. These 50 pieces start at over $2500, much more than the cost of the ticket. Works by these Artists are hard to come by and will become a valuable Tamil heirloom. Tickets are available exclusively through VENTRICLE. Com The Dunbar Fine Arts Council goal is to encourage Arts in After School programs in Central Ohio.
This includes nurturing Artistic Excellence in Children & Young People, by funding art programs that pay for Teaching, Developing and Showcasing their works to display in a schools, public places and government buildings. GOALS & PRIORITIES * Support Visual Arts by increasing good quality, affordable spaces and facilities that it encourages our children to thrive. By providing professional development, support and advice for young children to develop a skill. Funding trips for Students to visit area and regional museum and galleries.
Addressing inconsistent provisions of Opportunities for children and young people so that they can benefit by being exposed to a skilled blueprint to increase their professionalism, diversity and working standard of the Visual Arts Sector. * Finally placing their work in area galleries that will be shown for years to come.

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