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Published: 2021-09-11 19:20:08
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Skimming through the different web sites, reviewing tons and tons of different talented artists work pieces made me realize how much talented people surround us! The two paintings chose are quite different from each other in the styles alone. They stood apart from the rest for many different reasons that Will explain. The first painting that came across that stood out to me was titled Alone by Mashes Sepal. This was an original edition and the process that
Mashes chose to use was Oil paint and the support was on a board. The artist used a representational approach with different values ranging from white to black. The first thing notice is a how the artist used the young man as the single mass in his painting. This would be considered the focal point of the painting. The tall young man whose face is covered with his hair, it seems as if he is trying to hide his emotions from the world. But with the colorless painting you can tell the mood is onto happy one. Mashes also used a technique which is called linear perspective, more specifically a vanishing point.
This vanishing point s just beyond the lake, the woods, and then the point disappears. There are heavy dark clouds that are rolling in from above, is as if this also gives some insight as to how the young man is feeling inside, Mayhap & dark”. There are just a few things that the paintings have in common, they are both representational paintings meaning artwork that is relatable or familiar to most and each of the artists chose to use oil paints as their process. Oil painting maybe the most preferred method, it consists of a compounded pigment with oil.
The second original painting that stood out to me was a naturalistic piece that was titled My Thai Sunburned by an artist named Iris Scott. There were many reasons why this bright, colorful painting caught my eye and as read more about the artist knew I made the right choice by choosing this painting to list in my essay. Her website goes into more detail about the technique she uses and how by accident she came across In the year 2009 she moved to Thailand to paint without any interruptions. She hated the task Of cleaning her brushes and one day needed to go from one color on the palette to just about the opposite color.
It was then by accident that she discovered her unique style, finger painting with oils! She as able to accomplish this astounding effect by wearing surgical gloves then applying the oil paint directly onto her fingertips then to the canvas. The results, in my mind are one of a kind. The paintings backstops was from a moment of her own. She had arrived in Thailand and was in this busy city for less than an hour, when she caught a Taxi to a local restaurant, and it was there that she caught a glimpse of the woman who was riding a bike.
She chose to make a few changes, making the woman a few years younger and brighten the scene a bit, but this is still pretty close to what was pictured. Iris used the colors trot the standard lour wheel which included the primary colors, secondary colors, cool colors such as red-orange, and warm colors as well. All are just as vibrant from the yellows all the way through to the blues Iris did a fantastic job at using optical color mixture. This is accomplished when an artist places the paints on the support based on their knowledge of the color theory.
Iris chose colors that worked really well together next to each other which plays into how our eyes perceive the painting as well. Prom far away you cannot tell that there are tons Of tiny fingertip dots that are making this painting into one huge picture. She used he process Which is known as pointillism. Pointillism is When an artist Will place many points or dots of pure color side by side. The closer you get then you can see the fingertip dots and how accurately they make up the umbrella, wall, and to the bigger fingertip dots that put the woman together.
I think both paintings are very skillful in their own way. Looking at the detail that goes into each painting I would not dare say neither are close to being unskillful. The first painting I viewed which was titled Alone seemed to have been painted based off of his feelings at the time. The painting is on the darker side but even with it Ewing colorless you can still get a great idea of what the sky is supposed to look like and there were clues as to how the weather was on that day.
The young man is wearing a sweater, there are many clouds above, and the atmosphere alone seems to be like a storm is approaching soon, If there were not as much details in this painting I would have been left trying to figure out what exactly was going. The second painting is nothing short of spectacular, Based on the backstops that was given, I feel as if I was in Thailand right along with the artist seeing this woman pass me by on the bike. Both artists did their intended job, which was to lull me in and make me feel their painting through my eyes!
This alone makes their paintings skillful Like have said before both paintings stood out to me for different reasons, but both are not appealing to me. If I was to purchase a painting I Would not go for the first painting. Would like to see happy, motivating, and colorful art pieces in my home. A good example of this would be the second painting, this art piece was very appealing to me and wouldn’t mind staring at it day in and day out. It just puts me in a good place. The first painting Alone is not appealing to me for this reason, it seems to dark and it harbors to any bad and unspoken feelings.
This was another assignment enjoyed doing. Before when would look at a piece of artwork never realized what actually went into each “masterpiece”. Now knowing the different elements of design, how many techniques there are available, and the history alone definitely makes me appreciate an artists work and effort. I will not look at artwork the same anymore! See that it goes deeper than just a picture hanging on the wall.

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