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Published: 2021-09-10 11:15:10
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During my vacation in North Woodstock, New Hampshire, my two friends andI came across The Papermill Theater.
An old run down mill, turned into a theater, withlots of history. We all decided that we would attend the play that West Side Story. Hoping it would be a good experience. As we entered the theater my eyes were swayed to the left and right taking in allof the history of the building. I saw old ceilings and walls with different mill machineswith in them. I also came across the old set up of the building consisting of a rundownstage with many scene props and dusty old chairs.
These chairs really stood out, theywere all differently designed and all different types. Some were folding chairs whileothers were cushion movie like chairs. As the three of us discovered our seats we began to notice how popular the showreally is, as a matter of fact all 100 seats ended up being filled. After everyone wasseated I took out my booklets on the play and began to read about the backgrounds ofthe actors and actresses. I discovered that they were all professional actors andactresses and had produced three well-liked plays already this summer. These playswere Anything Goes, She Loves Me, and of course West Side Story.
As Icontinued to read I also cited the pictures and the descriptions of every actor. I becamevery anxious to see what was to come of this production. The lights finally went out and I was instantly with in the West Side Story plot. Iwas introduced to the two gangs, the Jets and the Sharks(the Puerto Ricans). Theycontinued on to identify the hostility of these two gangs through song and dance and ofcourse acting. Every scene change was not a change through curtain, but a change byspotlight.
This part I enjoyed more and found very intriguing to watch. As the actors toured me through the play act by act I enjoyed it more and more. I even felt suspense while the fights went on and the couples fell in love. By the end ofthe play I was so caught up in the acting that I felt the tears of sadness reach my eyes asI wept for the awful death of Tony and how much sadness it brought to not only Maria,but also the other gangs too. In fact both gangs felt so much sadness that they allassisted the carrying off of Tony to his grave. At that moment I knew Tonys deathresulted in peace between both gangs.
The play was a tragedy, but did have a ratherThis production was such a wonderful experience for me that I would totallyconsider going back to see another one and more. I give much credit to every actor forthe absolutely wonderful job they did in the play. They made it so real for theaudience. I highly praise the Mainstage Acting Company on what a terrificBibliography:

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