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Published: 2021-09-11 08:20:10
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William Shakespeare is customary regarded to be the finest dramatist the world has ever seen and the greatest poet who has created his plays in the English language. Besides, Shakespeare has been the world’s most famous author. No other writer’s works have been published so many times or read so broadly in so many places.
Shakespeare knew human nature as few other writers have. He could notice in a particular dramatic case the qualities that refer to all human beings. He could thus produce characters that have notion beyond the time and place of his works. Yet, his characters are not symbolic people. They are prominent individual human beings. They strive just as people do in real situations, sometimes fruitfully and at times with troublesome and tragic mischance.
Shakespeare created at least 37 works. These works include vivid characters of all kinds and from walks of reality. Kings, pickpockets, thieves, shepherds and philosophers, generals and hired killers all intermix in Shakespeare’s writings. In supplement to his deep conception of human nature, Shakespeare had knowledge in a broad diversity of other subjects. These subjects contain music, the law, art, and politics, the Bible, military science, history and sports.Produced by www.proessay.com Yet, Shakespeare had no professional knowledge in any subject to the exclusion of the theatre.
Above all other writers stands William Shakespeare, the greatest genius whom it is not possible to characterize shortly. Shakespeare is outstanding as poet and individual, but he stays elusive. The solidity and deep popularity of his taste gave him the possibility to lead the Renaissance in England without privileging or prejudicing any one of its various aspects, while as actor, playwright, and stockholder in the Lord Chamberlain’s players he was drawn into the Elizabethan theatre at every degree. His career dated from 1589 to 1613 was just within the time of greatest literary prosperity, and only in his writings are all the possibilities of the Renaissance totally realized.
The embroilments and discrepancies of Shakespeare’s epoch find their highest flourish in his tragedies. In these outstanding achievements, all worthies, hierarchies, and types are examined and found wanting, and all society’s hidden conflicts are displayed. Shakespeare opposes husband against wife, mother against child, the individual against state; he uncrowns viceroys, equates the nobleman with the wretched, and questions the gods. In the main tragedies that follow, Shakespeare’s practice cannot be rationed to a single general phrase that covers all situations, for each tragedy refers to a separate type: revenge tragedy in “Hamlet”, domestic tragedy in “Othello”, social tragedy in “King Lear” and so on.
Shakespeare changed the drama, widening the audience’s concept of human life and changed the language. His writings, then as now, addressed to a great audience. They reveal both a fundamental knowledge of literature and a deep sympathy with the language and conduct of the ordinary man. The discerning commercial dramatist and the extraordinary gifted artist cannot be divided.
William Shakespeare coped with the difficult plot of “Hamlet” perfectly. In this production, he also produced maybe his greatest gallery of characters.
The role of Hamlet is thought to be one of the theatre’s outstanding acting challenges. Shakespeare concentrated the play on the profound conflict between the requirements of his emotions and the irresolute skepticism of his mind. Hamlet displays this conflict in some familiar and brilliant soliloquies.

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