Youth Groups As A Discourse Community Essay

Published: 2021-09-11 16:55:10
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Youth Groups as a discourse community The only people who go to youth groups are the perfect kids who never do anything wrong, go to church every week, talk about God and about what is going on in their lives. This was my speculation before attending Pinion Hills Community Church in Farmington, New Mexico. Many people believe this to be a stereotype but my guess is that it is anything but the truth. Pinion Hills is a non-denominational church with a youth group that takes place on Saturdays at five thirty in the afternoon and then again on Sundays at nine thirty in the morning.
I chose to attend the Saturday youth group with my roommate who has attended the youth group for a little over a year now. Christianity began over 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ and his disciples. Jesus would travel around the village’s preaching religion and teaching people the will of God. Jesus would eventually die for the sins of man but three days later he would be resurrected and give hope to the world. Jesus became known as the Messiah for the Christian religion as well as the teacher of God. People today continue to tell his stories and worship him still to this day.
There are various ways that people come together to worship and praise God. One way would be the getting together of youth groups since it allows the youth to learn about God in a more modern and fun way. METHODS There are many different ways that I went about collecting my information and data on youth groups. Interviews…

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